• How often do cadets meet?  We meet once a week on Wednesday nights.

• What is cadet camp?  Cadet Summer Training (or camp) is an opportunity offered to all cadets to apply to improve on a specific skill-set. Summer Training is offered as 2,4, and 5-week courses, both in our own NW Region and across the country at other CTCs (Cadet Training Centres).

• Does the cadet program offer competitions?  Yes, multiple competitions are hosted every year. These competitions are drill, biathlon, sports, and marksmanship, and are offered at regional, provincial, and national levels.

• Army cadets? Are there other kinds?  The cadet program is divided into 3 elements: sea, army, and air. 3071 is an Army Cadet Corps. We learn about traditions and history of the Canadian Army, but still participate in the same Common Training that all cadets learn.

• Do I have to shave my head?  No way! While cadets are expected to keep a neat appearance, including keeping their hair tidy, baldness is not required nor encouraged. The CJCR Dress Instructions were updated in 2022 and are publicly available here!

• What does “Cede Nullis” mean?  Cede Nullis is Latin for “Yield to None”. It is the motto of our affiliated Army Unit, the North Saskatchewan Regiment.


• We are a unique, FREE youth organization in Saskatoon – and we’ve been around for 15 years! We parade on Wednesdays at Westmount School, 6-9 pm.

• 3071 Army Cadets started up in 2008 when a group of then-current cadets and officers wanted to create a new cadet corps in the west area of Saskatoon for kids to join.  There were already other cadet Corps in the city, but far away in the downtown area and at the Armouries.  What a great idea!

• The current adult staff at 3071 are volunteers and reservists who work to provide cadet training in a safe, fun, and inclusive environment.  All cadet training supports the three aims of the cadet program: to develop citizenship and leadership in youth, to promote healthy lifestyles and physical activities, and to stimulate an interest in the roles and traditions of the Canadian Army.

• Cadets are not required to join the army – a common misconception. Essentially, we provide well-rounded activities with an “army flavour”. Cadets can expect to have fun, learn new things, and eventually lead younger cadets!

If you have additional questions, feel free contact us at 3071army@cadets.gc.ca, visit us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/3071ArmyCadets  

or give us a call at (306) 361-7703.

3071 Army Cadets Corps