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Through your cadet training you can  gain valuable qualifications 
such as the Duke of Edinburgh's Award, or various first-aid qualifications.
3071 The North Saskatchewan Regiment Army Cadet Corps was formed September 1, 2008. With the sale and closure of Pleasant Hill Community School, we now parade on Wednesday evenings out of the Westmount Community School in Saskatoon.

Cadets are motivated to improve their physical fitness, to work harder at their academic studies and to give back to their communities through volunteerism. The Cadet Program also has a direct impact on Canadian society as a whole. There is definite value in having well-rounded, community-minded, experienced young people who are ready to assume their places as tomorrow’s leaders and decision-makers.

Cadets learn how to be effective members of a team. Understanding the responsibilities of a follower in a team setting will make you more aware of what is expected of you. 

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3071 Army Cadets Corps

Aims of The Cadet Program

Free Activities

​The development of responsible and caring citizens is one of the most important aspects of the Cadet Program. Throughout the year, all cadets in Canada participate in citizenship activities in cities and towns across the country. Through engagement with veterans, community associations, local civic activities and more, cadets learn more about the world they will become part of as adults.

The Cadet Program encourages youth to be fair and ethical leaders. Cadets at every level learn to take responsibility for their actions and motivate their peers and junior cadets to follow their example, supporting a successful transition to adulthood.

Physical Fitness
Cadets develop an understanding of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, which leads to a lifelong appreciation of health and fitness. Participation in a variety of fitness activities results in a positive attitude that enables cadets to take on new challenges!

Stimulate an Interest in the Activities of the Canadian Army
Cadet Program training, direction, decision making, and behaviour are guided by ethics and values of the Canadian military. Values include loyalty, integrity, courage, inclusion, excellence and accountability. Cadets embrace and embody these values. Exposure to the activities of the Canadian Forces is a unique part of the Cadet Program identity, distinguishing it from other youth programs.